Our clients had outgrown their existing home and wanted to create a substantial new home as a foundation for family life. In order to provide for various formal and informal activities, including hobbies, we created a house with rooms that could serve a number of uses. Spaces that provide a feeling of the family living together, but are balanced with areas of privacy.

Inside, the floor plan is anchored by a double-height entry and circulation space with a generous staircase and skylight above. At ground floor, this space connects to the garage, family social spaces, a guest bedroom, and a study. Upstairs, we have located the four bedrooms, including a large main bedroom with walk-in wardrobes and ensuite.

There are a variety of outdoor spaces offered by the site, each with different qualities of shelter, outlook, availability and character. We have designed the interior–exterior connections to best emphasise the site's features.

The result is a lovely, warm family home that offers our clients the recreation opportunities they were dreaming of.