st mark's church alterations


A mishmash of buildings and differing architectural styles, dating from the early 1900s through to the 1970s, meant that the facilities on this site were fragmented and underused.

Some of the existing buildings were in poor condition and in desperate need of revitalisation and refurbishment. To add to the complexity of the design challenge, none of the buildings on site were square to each other, and they each had different floor levels.

To improve the site’s cohesion, we created a spacious shared atrium that joined and brought together three of the existing buildings, including the main church. We then refurbished the existing hall and administration buildings to create comfortable, functional offices and meeting spaces, and added modern kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The client’s trust in our bold design move has more than paid off. The light-filled atrium now acts as a focal point for the entire site, providing a welcoming entranceway to the church and support facilities, while doubling as an effective, informal place for social gatherings.

The striking architecture of the space also provides a proud defining link between the various eras represented in the other buildings on site – all of which are now well-appointed and inviting spaces that are well used by the Lower Hutt community.