OUR values

Our purpose on every project is to enhance how people live, work and play by creating brilliant architecture. We achieve this from a strong values base, which guides how we behave and how we make decisions.


In essence, we treat others as we wish to be treated, working with people (staff, consultants and clients) whose values align with our own.

In practice we do what we say we will do, and we don’t let people down. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and reflect these accurately in the work we do for them.


This comes from having a passion for continual improvement and the critical thinking required to create inspiring, exciting, and sustainable solutions.

Remaining current with our design and building knowledge allows us to produce our best work and to delight our clients every time with creative and innovative designs.


In order to complete our work to standard and on time, we take responsibility for what we do and say. This means taking ownership of the quality of our work, providing appropriate solutions, thinking our work through and doing it well so that we are proud of what we produce.


Our reputation as a company and as individuals is critically important. This is expressed by maintaining the ethical standards of our professional body and undertaking work that is positive for our society and environment.

In practice, we build positive relationships with all of the people we work with by communicating in a constructive and respectful way.