child cancer foundation
building upgrade


The Child Cancer Foundation were looking for new premises close to Wellington Hospital to house their offices as well as provide a place of rest and retreat for the families of children receiving cancer treatment.

Built in the 1860s, this building previously had been a house, a doctor's surgery and for many years the group medical rooms serving the area. It was identified by both the council and the Historic Places Trust as being of heritage value both in terms of the building fabric and the significant cultural considerations. However, the building was in a very poor state of repair, under strength and generally dilapidated.

We worked closely with the client, council and HPT (now Heritage New Zealand), to assess the building, consider options and arrive at an approach that would meet the foundation's needs for viable, strengthened and attractive accommodation, while respecting and maintaining the heritage values of the building.

This was not always an easy process, especially as the client required modern office areas with comfortable waiting and recovery spaces. The amount of space required meant that additions to the rear were incorporated to be complimentary, but identifiable as new work, and allowing the historic nature of the existing building to be preserved.

The result has been a successful reinvigoration and renewal of the building. A mix of open and private areas create a comfortable and modern office as well as a haven for client and patients that provides a welcoming and relaxed environment.

This is an excellent example of adaptive reuse that preserves the heritage of the city for generations to come.