cancer society building alterations


With an ever-increasing workload and growing community demand for their services, the Cancer Society briefed us to create much-needed space and improve the usability of their Wellington office building.

Several earlier alterations had resulted in an unwelcoming, inefficient layout that placed the society’s reception area in the middle of the building and made access difficult for patients and visitors.

After exploring several possible solutions with the client, we landed on a design that added a second-storey office along the front of the building. Importantly, it also offered improved access via a new entranceway directly off the main street.

Although the location of the reception area remained essentially unchanged in the new design, several thoughtful additions have enhanced the visitor experience. Clerestory glazing above the reception area now brings more light into the middle of the building. The design improved thorough-fares, and the addition of a lift provided accessible paths to all areas of the building. A central stairway ensures easy access between the floors.

The newly improved building is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It makes optimal use of available space, and creates welcoming new office and meeting areas for the society, their patients, and supporters.