aroha care centre alterations
& additions


Alterations and additions to the existing rest home and aged-care hospital included a multipurpose chapel that has become a focal point for the residents. Because of space constraints on the site, there wasn't the opportunity to provide separate facilities; therefore, this chapel also acts as a recreation room, social space and meeting area.

While the main focus is to provide a place for worship, we included a number of additional features in the design to comfortably allow for multiple uses. These include decks and patios on both sides of the chapel  to allow for indoor/outdoor flow; a moveable indoor bowling mat that slides out from under the stage; large storage cupboards for chairs and tables; folding doors that allow smaller meeting or activity spaces to be partitioned off or opened up as required; and a kitchen and serving area for refreshments.

We have designed the chapel to tie in sensitively with the architecture of the existing village – in materials, colours, and roof forms. Natural stone on the exterior provides a feeling of nature, solidity and strength, while stained-glass windows (provided by bequest) help create an atmosphere for worship and quiet contemplation. The result is a facility that is used every day – from exercise classes to recreation and craft classes to functions and worship.