2001 NZIA Regional Award for Architecture for Commercial Fit-out.

The roof loft of the National Chambers Building in Wellington was home to technology recruitment company Absolute IT. The fit-out reflects a company culture of creativity, efficiency and warmth in both its open and democratic planning and the type of materials used.

Openness and availability were key planning goals, while also providing privacy and separation when required. This allows for the desired flexibility in both formal and informal interactions with clients and between staff.

The heritage nature of the existing structure became the organising grid for the interior. With such a beautiful, raw structure to celebrate, we decided to expose and feature the beams, rafters, and timber sarking. The volume and rhythm of the roof structure unifies the whole floor plate. Below it, we arranged freestanding partitions and furniture to meet the functional requirements of the brief. We made use of sliding walls so the team could shape and modify the space for different needs.

The original timberwork is painted white in contrast to the modern structural black steel. Then we added exposed raw materials such as fibre cement, particle board, glass, and some simple flat areas of colour. This seemingly uncomplicated collection of textures and surfaces reinforces the straightforward nature of the space, but also adds complexity and depth, reflecting the attitude and style of the company.