Anne Hut Opens on the St James Walkway

The opening of Anne Hut by Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson is the most recent in a growing list of back country accommodation that has been designed by Pynenburg & Collins for the great outdoors of the Conservation Estate. Read the DoC news article here

Located on the St James Walkway to the north-west of Hanmer Springs, this 20 bunk hut continues the design philosophy for creating comfortable and durable huts in the remote and sometimes extreme environments that characterise the national parks of New Zealand.

Ron Pynenburg has been a keen tramper since 1976 and has experienced much of the back country environment in NZ. This experience, combined with his architectural expertise has seen Ron design many of the new style huts that have been popping up over the country recently. Especially the larger huts, designed to take 20 or more people.

"They are designed to cope with the harsh environments, dealing with moisture, condensation, heat and light to create a welcoming, presentable and comfortable place to rest, rather than the cold, damp and dingy huts of old", says Ron. "Good design, smart detailing and a little more investment at the outset means that these huts are more self managing, able to cope with the extremes, and longer lasting".

The result being that Anne Hut, and others like Waihohonu, Angelus, Siberia, McKellar, and many others are providing a quality back country experience for local and overseas visitors alike, and for generations of trampers to come.